Black Boy
Directed by: Kudret Sabanci
Karaoglan (Black Boy) is a Turkish historical comic book by Suat Yalaz. In 1238, the army of the Mongols, led by Camoka, is at the gates of Anatolia. Moving against this great invasion, the Turkish states decide to form a union and enter the war together. They decide that the princess Chise Hatun should be given as a bride to the Golden Horde state to strengthen the bonds between states. The Mongols, who learned this plan, decide to kill her to prevent the formation of the Union from the outset. However, the beautiful princess is under the protection of Karaoglan. Now the destiny of the Anatolian lands depends on Karaoglan and the people around him. They will determine the fate of this glorious saga.
  • - Black Boy – Black Boy Is Coming